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Nina Capone Ask Who is Authur Falcone?

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I came across a new artist today by the name of Arthur Falcone he is an Italian rock guitarist, singer who delivers a mix my favorite Rock Ballads, and Heavy guitar riffs being a huge fan of the sound I decided to give him a listen and much to my own amazement Authur Falcone is amazing! I mean he his performance found on youtube are exciting, fresh and inspiring I almost felt like I was there in person he displayed energy that all musicians should deliver their audience.

I listened to a few songs and watched the performances that Authur Falcone put on and although I enjoy all of them to say the least of course I came across one that I really enjoyed He called it "Foxy Lady" and when I say this was a rush I would suggest checking it out for your self! He hit the stage stroming the strings with an appeal any music lover will enjoy. I like to adapt this type of sound for my new project as Authur Falcone is definetly going on my playlist.
Arthur Falcone
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Sunday, September 28, 2014

KRS 1 in Philly 9/21/2014

Why Do Black Owned Clubs Fail? By Dj Mr King

So before I start this post, let’s be clear on one thing, I work for myself and don’t have any exclusive ties to any club or promoter in the country. If you’re offended by this then….well, oh well.

My issue is this. Why do niggas always fuck up clubs? Simple question, several answers. As a DJ for 10 years, I’ve seen tons of clubs come and go. So what I’m going to do is give you 8 reasons why black clubs struggle in this country!

8. Professionalism

Let’s be real most clubs (white or black) probably was started with some type of, lets just say, illegal money. That’s fine (I mean not really), but get it how you live. The difference is not being a coon when trying to conduct business. Black club owners believe street creed is more important than the success of their club that’s why you always see the owner all up in the door on a pack night like Puffy in an old Bad Boy video. Our counterparts, haa haa, you’ll never see them. And even if you did and the told you they owned it you’d laugh in their face w/ the beat up shoes and raggedy tee they where wearing. Get my point? Sit down and let the club run itself. Show yourself when necessary.

7. Clientele

The saying “You are your environment” has never been so true in the business of operating a club. If you choose to let people in with white tee’s, flip flops and hoop shorts then that’s the “relaxed” environment you’re going to get in your club. A relaxed environment in combination of an “I don’t give a fuck” attitude which leads to other things. Now, I’m not a huge believer on a strict dress code as far as believing that what a person wears stops them from acting like an asshole in the club, however it helps. Tied in this is also the notion of sticking to what you say. Example, if your club is a 25 and up, keep it that way. If you say no sneakers, stick to it. The more someone feels like they CAN’T get into your club the more they will WANT to be in your club (see Greed/Ego later)

6. Location
This can apply to everyone. Sometimes having a club downtown is great. Sometimes it sucks. Having a club on one side of town my be beneficial for THAT side of town but also my make the opposite side of town folk feel some type of way leading to other extra activities. I think central locations are great. Something to where people don’t have to say, “I gotta go to the that side of town to go out?” Make sure your club has a distinct definition of what it is.

5. Sound System/DJ

I’m not even going to spend alot of time on this one. You get what you pay for. You hire a nigga who plays CDs off a portable DVD player and an iPod for $35; don’t expect a Kid Capri type performance. Pay the DJ what they are worth. This includes the talent, character and brand. Believe it or not, alot of patrons base their club selection of the night depending on the DJ. With that, every DJ LOVES a club with a great sound system. No DJ should have to come in EVERY week and adjust the amps, move the speakers, hang an antenna from the ceiling and all this ‘ol extra shit just to hear some half way distorted sound coming out of the Sony surround sound speakers you brought from home because you were too cheap to purchase a QUALITY sound system when you first opened. Invest in your club. Mainly because a shitty sound system makes us (the DJ look bad) and two, its going to cost you more in repairs and replacements over time than it would just getting it right the first time. And stop letting everybody in the club touch stuff in the DJ booth!!!

4. Security
Stop hiring niggas from the hood to be your security guards. At the end of the day, security guards are there to protect the people inside of the club. They put their life on the line to do it. You got security guards who are afraid of certain people from the hood because he used to get bullied by him in high school. Get rid of the soft security. Security guards, learn how to search, I can tell you how many times I, well lets just say I have a friend who told me he got in the club with a tool ;).  Also, the whole black t-shirt security guard is no longer imitating. At least not in a 21 and up club. I mean think about it, you really look like the people that’s in the club, maybe just a little bigger. Club owners; make your security guards wear suits. Invest in more security and pay the security guards more!! They’ll be more inclined to protect what’s yours

3. Promoters
EVERYBODY IS NOT A PROMOTER!!!! I feel like that’s all I have to write for this section. The whole promoter game has changed SO drastically over the last few years it’s crazy. You got people who want to flip their tax refund or student refund checks and all of a sudden call themselves “promoters” overnight. Throwing a birthday party doesn’t make you a promoter. Making up some fake company name off the latest hit record on the radio or recent slang word and putting ENT or PRODUCTIONS at the end of it doesn’t make you a company. And just because someone “Confirms” on Facebook or “Retweets” on Twitter doesn’t mean your event is going to go. Club owners water down their venue by allowing TOO many “promoters”; let’s just call them people, to have access to their club. Find a “PROMOTER” with a track record and work with them. Build a relationship with one, maybe two promoters at your venue and keep it that way. It creates familiarity with the patrons and also enhances the brand of the club and promoter.

2. Greed/Ego

How many time have you went to a 21 and up club and seen your little brother’s girlfriend in there? How many times did the dress code say “No T-Shirts” and you see about 10 corny niggas in there with tall tees? This is due to the thirsty club owners who are strictly about a dollar more than dignity. They are the club owners who are bought. Basically you can break the rule if you pay the fine up front. That’s stupid. Enforce your rules and the money will come.

Most club owners were squares before they had the club. In reality, they are still squares, just a little more popular. And not because people like you, they like your club. This confuses the black club owner, because now in their mind, they’re the shit. Please don’t get that twisted. Always keep a good report with you customers, especially those who supported you from the beginning when you had NOBODY in your club. Don’t get the big head when your club is packed for 3 months, or hell 3 events and feel like you can treat people any kind of way. Trust me, just as easy as they came they’ll leave that much faster.

1.       Lack of respect

And finally, lack of respect or the “Nigga Mentality”.  In our culture, we don’t respect each other, especially when it comes to business. We always want a hookup or discount or always feel like the person who owns the spot owes you something. We have to start respecting each other and their business realizing this is how they eat. With that comes with treating black venues the same way you would treat white venues. Some of yall will obey the dress code and pay whatever price to get into a white venue, who doesn’t really want you there, more than you would a black owned spot. You’ll be satisfied going to a white spot and hearing ONE hip-hop song every 30 minutes just to make yourself feel your better than those who go to “hood clubs” etc. Well your not. The fact is you’re just a puppet. Oh yeah, stop saying “This is why I don’t go out in (insert city here). Reality is shit happens. And in your case two things likely happened that caused you not to “go out” #1. You couldn’t get a babysitter to go out so now you mad at the world and secretly wish something bad happens so you can say “I told yall” and feel better about your life. Or #2. You don’t fit in at the clubs everybody else goes to so you spend most of your time talking about how “lame” it is to go out. When you do go out you stand around and act like you’re to cool to have a good time. Leave your pissy attitude at the crib or just don’t come to the club.

Hopefully, I still have a few friends after this post but I probably won’t. Least I still have my Facebook page though!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Movie Night! The Best new Movie picking Assistant around!

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Hey Friends, 

Just wanted to share a new and exciting find with you all, as you know we at indastreetsradio are complete movie buffs and we have found a new way to select our Friday night pleasure since we all seem to argue over what to watch and most time end up checking out something that someone on the team has already seen we now let do it for us! 

So this site is totally new! The site was so easy to navigate, a really cool design and all I had to do was visit the site type in any book title, movie, or imdb of interest and presto! The search begans! Not only did it populate the movie I was looking for but it also gave me tons of other movies with similar interests it even gives you the option to add additional filters after the selection is complete. You then have the option to check out the trailer, or purchase it from Amazon or itunes. Enough from me check it out for your self and let me know if you love it like we do! new movies

Don't forget to tweet and share on FB with all of your friends and followers about the newest cool tool!

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Courthouse News Service Entertainment Law

Courthouse News Service Entertainment Law

(CN) - Hip-hop impresario James "Jas" Prince claims in court that Cash Money Records owes him millions of dollars in royalties for recordings by Drake (Aubrey Graham), whom Prince claims to have discovered.
     Prince, a longtime force in the Houston, Texas rap scene, and his company Young Empire Music Group sued Cash Money Records on Aug. 19, Miami Federal Court.
     Prince claims that he discovered Drake, who is not a party to the lawsuit, long before a string of hit singles rocketed the Canadian performer to "worldwide notoriety."
     Prince claims he was instrumental arranging for the young rapper to sign a deal with nonparty Aspire Music Group, through which his services would be licensed to others to create musical recordings.
     That agreement included a provision for division of profits and advances generated by Drake's recordings. The parties later got into a dispute over the contract terms, but ultimately entered into a memorandum of understanding clarifying their financial positions, Prince says in the lawsuit.
     "The spirit of the settlement agreement and general release was that plaintiffs would continue to receive their share of the profits (2/3 of 1/3) delivered from Drake's Recordings while Drake grew from relative obscurity into a household name." (Parentheses in complaint.)
     In mid-July 2009, Prince claims, he learned of a lucrative agreement that Drake entered into for which the rapper received a $2 million advance. This deal allegedly involved Aspire, defendant Cash Money, and an entity called Young Money.
     "Plaintiff was not part of that agreement," Prince says in the complaint.
     The next month, "Cash Money filed four trademark applications in an effort to receive registered trademarks from the U.S. patent and trademark Office for marks affiliated with Drake, including the word marks "Drake" and "Drizzy Drake," according to the complaint.
     Prince claims that the clarification of financial obligations he signed with Aspire in 2009 acknowledged Cash Money's involvement in Drake's career, and specifically stated that advances payable to Aspire - and then split with the plaintiff -- would be paid by Cash Money.
     "Cash Money has had a continuing obligation to make payments to plaintiffs and provide accountings related to same since the division of income between Aspire and plaintiffs was established by the settlement agreement and general release and in the correspondence referenced herein," the complaint states.
     Despite acknowledging this obligation, Prince says, Cash Money has repeatedly failed to make millions of dollars in payments to him.
     For instance, on Nov. 8, 2013, "Cash Money's payment to plaintiffs ... was at least $5 million less that what as owed," according to the lawsuit.
     Prince also claims that after his attorney demanded that Cash Money turn over documents for an accounting, the defendant "only provided plaintiffs' accountant with unsubstantiated marketing costs and producer royalty statements."
     He seeks at least $4 million in damages for unjust enrichment, conversion, breach of contract, tortious interference with a contractual business relationship, and breach of a constructive trust, and disclosure of all documents needed to make a proper accounting of Cash Money's Drake-related earnings.
     Prince is represented by Richard Wolfe of Miami. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

We the People petition

We the People petition:

Dear Friend,

            I remember playing cops and robbers as a child. My friends and I would split up into teams. The good guys versus the bad guys. The good guys were the cops. I remember kids arguing to be the cops because everyone wanted to be the “good” guy. Now as an adult I must reevaluate my idea of a good guy.

Police report to the FBI killing over 400 people a year. According to a recent study outlined by every 28 hours a black person is killed by a police officer or a vigilante. From 2006 to 2012 a white officer killed a black person at least twice a week in this country. In 2009 police charged a black man for property damage for bleeding on their uniforms during his arrest after they beat him bloody.
On August 9th, 18 year old Mike Brown was walking to his grandmother’s house with his friend and the two of them were stopped by the police. There was a confrontation and two shots were fired from within the car and four shots were fired outside the car. One of the bullets hit Mike in the head, entering through his eye. Eyewitness accounts state that Mike Brown put his hands up and exclaimed “Don’t Shoot”; these were his final words. Mike Brown was unarmed; his body was left in the street for several hours. The police called for backup, the paramedics were never called. Mike’s body was then placed in the back of a police SUV; not an ambulance.  He did not receive respect, not even in death.
In aftermath, the murder of Mike Brown sparked a brigade of protest in Ferguson. The police escalated the situation by responding with tanks, SWAT gear, and K-9s. They tear gassed the residents and shoot rubber bullets at them. The media reports brandished the protest as rioting and looting. While some looting did take place, the vast majority of the protests were peaceful. The media failed to report the citizens of Ferguson cleaning up tear gas cans the following day or the young black youth guarding shops to prevent further looting during the following peaceful protest proceedings.

Nearly a week after the murder of Mike Brown the name of the officer who pulled the trigger was released. Darren Wilson was put on paid leave because shooting an unarmed black man warrants paid vacation in this country. Following the release of the name, the police also released a surveillance video of Mike Brown allegedly stealing cigars from a convenience store in an effort to defame him. Later on the full video was discovered revealing that Mike Brown did in fact pay for the cigars and the footage was time stamped in June. This footage has absolutely nothing to do with his murder in August. Even if Mike Brown had stolen the cigars, it is not common practice to execute people for shoplifting.
It is irrelevant whether he smoked marijuana, stole cigars or even that he was planning to attend college the next week. Honestly it is heartbreaking that Mike Brown will never see a college classroom but he could have had plans to spend the rest of his life, sitting in his boxers playing PS4. He did not deserve to die because his life mattered. His life mattered to his family. His life mattered to his friends. His life mattered to the people protesting in Ferguson. His life mattered to me because it could have just as easily been me.
Some people are accusing the protestors of making this about race. They claim racism doesn’t exist in a postmodern America.  Anytime there is a declaration against racial oppression or mere mention of “white” privilege we are accused of playing the “race” card. Equating the murder of a young man to a fun game of Uno or Poker is a fallacy. Marching, protesting, signing petitions, and grieving families are not a game. This is not fun. If this were a game let’s all agree that white privilege is the ultimate royal flush.
The evidence is apparent in the way black men are portrayed in the media. James Holmes the white man responsible for the Aurora Mass shooting, killed 12 people in a movie theater. He was obtained by the police without excessive force and was escorted out of the theater in handcuffs. The media talked about what a great kid he was before the incident. They ran his senior class picture and talked about how devastated his family was that he committed such a crime. James Holmes is a murderer and the media employed willful tact when portraying his story because his skin color buys him that privilege.
When a black man is a victim of murder the media goes out of their way to dig up dirt to defame the dead. Anchors and headlines speculate about the victim’s possible involvement with gangs or history of drug abuse. This was made evident after the murders of Trayvon Martin, Jonathon Ferrell and now Mike Brown whose characters were essentially put on trial after their deaths. They also use the worse picture they can find of the victim. Making the victim appear threatening or menacing in some way. The hashtag #iftheygunnedmedown has become prevalent on twitter as a means of exposing the blatantly racist portrayal of black men in the media.
What happened to Mike Brown is not an anomaly. Kimani Gray, Kendrec McDade, Timothy Russell, Ervin Jefferson, Amandou Diallo, Patrick Dorismond, Ousmane Zongo, Timothy Stansbury Jr., Sean Bell, Orlando Barlow, Aaron Campbell, Victor Steen, Steven Eugene Washington, Alonzo Ashley, Wendell Allen, Ronald Madison, James Brisette, Travares McGill, Ramarley Graham, Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, Manuel Loggins Jr., Jonathon Ferrell; all gunned down by the police within the last decade. Adding another name to this already heartbreakingly long list; Kajieme Powell was gunned down by police in St. Louis, this Tuesday on August 19, 2014.
There should be consequences when the police use excessive force. Officers in Rialto California are required to wear vests outfitted with cameras while on duty. In the first year of this, police brutality has dropped 60% and complaints about excessive force have dropped 88%. There is now a petition on to make wearing cameras mandatory for local and state police across the country. Once the petition reaches 100k signatures it goes to the president.
I signed it, I want you to sign it, I want you to share it.
Thank you for your time.
With a heavy heart,
Brandon Williams
Sources and works cited below:
Police Cameras White House Petition
Help feed the students of ferguson (who are missing out on meals cos of the schools closing atm) here:
Every 28 hours a black person in the United States is killed by a police officer or vigilante
Melissa Harris Perry Black And Unarmed
When The Media Treats White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victims
First You See What The Town Looks Like. Then, See What The Cops Look Like. Then It Makes Sense.
If You Ever Thought The US Was A Land Of Equality Take A Look At These Two Screenshots
7 Things Worth More Than A black Person’s Life In America
Looks like Mike Brown paid for his convenience store purchase...
Police Use Of Force Dropped 60% When Officers Were Required To Wear Video Cameras
Raw Video: Tear Gas Canisters In Ferguson

One of the most racist moments live on television.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ku klux Klan KKK Rally In Atlanta March 2014

"America is Being Over Run By Jungle Fever" WTH is he talking about? OMG we are winning!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lack of sleep boosts creativity for artists

Written by Marley B of

I've been doing music for about 14 years but I started recording 6 years ago. My style is different and unique and I keep growing day by day. vote for me:

I was told that an artist can boost their creativity by lack of sleep. So, I conducted an experiment I went an entire 24 hours without sleep while trying to write a song for my new project and it seems to have worked. I came up with a catchy hook and two crazy verses so give it a try guys and see if it boosts your creativity you wont be disappointed, cranky from lack of sleep, yes, but not disappointed.

    And that 'Marley B' links to:

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What's up world! Thought I'd take a quick moment to update you all with some up-dates: For those of you who has been walking around with your eyes wide shut, we here at  In Da Streets Radio have been working hard not only on providing Commercial Free Independent Hip Hop & R&B music but going completely digital. What does this mean? I thought you'd never ask, this means that no more having our faithful fans hostage at their computer workstation in their home and or office, now they can simply download our mobile app which is available via the Itunes, Google Play store, Blackberry, and Stitcher Radio "Free of Charge". Our app provides you with the latest content up-coming events in the area and more. Sounds Amazing? Well that's not it, there's more! We have also made our website mobile, this means now you can use your mobile device to view it all clearly no need to run home we are always by your side just like the famous Phone Company commercial we are your network.

If having a mobile app and a mobile website is not enough we have taken it a step further, yes its possible to step it up another notch, besides it's how we remained innovators over the past 9 years. We have now incorporated our mobile radio station studio, what is that? Well, not only can we interview you on the spot but we can bring the exact effect of a live studio interview to you at the studio while your recording or at the club, fashion shows, rally's anywhere there is internet available and yes we broadcast live from our website. Talk about technology.

Artist, Models, Actors, Authors, Activist, etc.
Please feel free to take a look at our website as we welcome interviews from everyone. Please note artist its still free to submit your music we only charge for promotion nothing more. If you are interested in being promoted via our multiple mobile platforms its only a flat rate of $25 yes that's it a small fee for such a big platform!

Well that's it for now if you haven't met our street advocate and given him a freestyle for our youtube page holla @the_Mr_Critic on Instagram and Twitter he will get right back also follow our pages on Instagram @indastreetsradioshow  and @ninacapone1

One more thing!
Our new Skype telephone number to call in when we are live and mobile is 267-433-3377

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