Sunday, September 28, 2014

Why Do Black Owned Clubs Fail? By Dj Mr King

So before I start this post, let’s be clear on one thing, I work for myself and don’t have any exclusive ties to any club or promoter in the country. If you’re offended by this then….well, oh well.

My issue is this. Why do niggas always fuck up clubs? Simple question, several answers. As a DJ for 10 years, I’ve seen tons of clubs come and go. So what I’m going to do is give you 8 reasons why black clubs struggle in this country!

8. Professionalism

Let’s be real most clubs (white or black) probably was started with some type of, lets just say, illegal money. That’s fine (I mean not really), but get it how you live. The difference is not being a coon when trying to conduct business. Black club owners believe street creed is more important than the success of their club that’s why you always see the owner all up in the door on a pack night like Puffy in an old Bad Boy video. Our counterparts, haa haa, you’ll never see them. And even if you did and the told you they owned it you’d laugh in their face w/ the beat up shoes and raggedy tee they where wearing. Get my point? Sit down and let the club run itself. Show yourself when necessary.

7. Clientele

The saying “You are your environment” has never been so true in the business of operating a club. If you choose to let people in with white tee’s, flip flops and hoop shorts then that’s the “relaxed” environment you’re going to get in your club. A relaxed environment in combination of an “I don’t give a fuck” attitude which leads to other things. Now, I’m not a huge believer on a strict dress code as far as believing that what a person wears stops them from acting like an asshole in the club, however it helps. Tied in this is also the notion of sticking to what you say. Example, if your club is a 25 and up, keep it that way. If you say no sneakers, stick to it. The more someone feels like they CAN’T get into your club the more they will WANT to be in your club (see Greed/Ego later)

6. Location
This can apply to everyone. Sometimes having a club downtown is great. Sometimes it sucks. Having a club on one side of town my be beneficial for THAT side of town but also my make the opposite side of town folk feel some type of way leading to other extra activities. I think central locations are great. Something to where people don’t have to say, “I gotta go to the that side of town to go out?” Make sure your club has a distinct definition of what it is.

5. Sound System/DJ

I’m not even going to spend alot of time on this one. You get what you pay for. You hire a nigga who plays CDs off a portable DVD player and an iPod for $35; don’t expect a Kid Capri type performance. Pay the DJ what they are worth. This includes the talent, character and brand. Believe it or not, alot of patrons base their club selection of the night depending on the DJ. With that, every DJ LOVES a club with a great sound system. No DJ should have to come in EVERY week and adjust the amps, move the speakers, hang an antenna from the ceiling and all this ‘ol extra shit just to hear some half way distorted sound coming out of the Sony surround sound speakers you brought from home because you were too cheap to purchase a QUALITY sound system when you first opened. Invest in your club. Mainly because a shitty sound system makes us (the DJ look bad) and two, its going to cost you more in repairs and replacements over time than it would just getting it right the first time. And stop letting everybody in the club touch stuff in the DJ booth!!!

4. Security
Stop hiring niggas from the hood to be your security guards. At the end of the day, security guards are there to protect the people inside of the club. They put their life on the line to do it. You got security guards who are afraid of certain people from the hood because he used to get bullied by him in high school. Get rid of the soft security. Security guards, learn how to search, I can tell you how many times I, well lets just say I have a friend who told me he got in the club with a tool ;).  Also, the whole black t-shirt security guard is no longer imitating. At least not in a 21 and up club. I mean think about it, you really look like the people that’s in the club, maybe just a little bigger. Club owners; make your security guards wear suits. Invest in more security and pay the security guards more!! They’ll be more inclined to protect what’s yours

3. Promoters
EVERYBODY IS NOT A PROMOTER!!!! I feel like that’s all I have to write for this section. The whole promoter game has changed SO drastically over the last few years it’s crazy. You got people who want to flip their tax refund or student refund checks and all of a sudden call themselves “promoters” overnight. Throwing a birthday party doesn’t make you a promoter. Making up some fake company name off the latest hit record on the radio or recent slang word and putting ENT or PRODUCTIONS at the end of it doesn’t make you a company. And just because someone “Confirms” on Facebook or “Retweets” on Twitter doesn’t mean your event is going to go. Club owners water down their venue by allowing TOO many “promoters”; let’s just call them people, to have access to their club. Find a “PROMOTER” with a track record and work with them. Build a relationship with one, maybe two promoters at your venue and keep it that way. It creates familiarity with the patrons and also enhances the brand of the club and promoter.

2. Greed/Ego

How many time have you went to a 21 and up club and seen your little brother’s girlfriend in there? How many times did the dress code say “No T-Shirts” and you see about 10 corny niggas in there with tall tees? This is due to the thirsty club owners who are strictly about a dollar more than dignity. They are the club owners who are bought. Basically you can break the rule if you pay the fine up front. That’s stupid. Enforce your rules and the money will come.

Most club owners were squares before they had the club. In reality, they are still squares, just a little more popular. And not because people like you, they like your club. This confuses the black club owner, because now in their mind, they’re the shit. Please don’t get that twisted. Always keep a good report with you customers, especially those who supported you from the beginning when you had NOBODY in your club. Don’t get the big head when your club is packed for 3 months, or hell 3 events and feel like you can treat people any kind of way. Trust me, just as easy as they came they’ll leave that much faster.

1.       Lack of respect

And finally, lack of respect or the “Nigga Mentality”.  In our culture, we don’t respect each other, especially when it comes to business. We always want a hookup or discount or always feel like the person who owns the spot owes you something. We have to start respecting each other and their business realizing this is how they eat. With that comes with treating black venues the same way you would treat white venues. Some of yall will obey the dress code and pay whatever price to get into a white venue, who doesn’t really want you there, more than you would a black owned spot. You’ll be satisfied going to a white spot and hearing ONE hip-hop song every 30 minutes just to make yourself feel your better than those who go to “hood clubs” etc. Well your not. The fact is you’re just a puppet. Oh yeah, stop saying “This is why I don’t go out in (insert city here). Reality is shit happens. And in your case two things likely happened that caused you not to “go out” #1. You couldn’t get a babysitter to go out so now you mad at the world and secretly wish something bad happens so you can say “I told yall” and feel better about your life. Or #2. You don’t fit in at the clubs everybody else goes to so you spend most of your time talking about how “lame” it is to go out. When you do go out you stand around and act like you’re to cool to have a good time. Leave your pissy attitude at the crib or just don’t come to the club.

Hopefully, I still have a few friends after this post but I probably won’t. Least I still have my Facebook page though!!

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