Friday, August 1, 2014

In Da Streets Radio, All mobile all the time!

What's up world! Thought I'd take a quick moment to update you all with some up-dates: For those of you who has been walking around with your eyes wide shut, we here at  In Da Streets Radio have been working hard not only on providing Commercial Free Independent Hip Hop & R&B music but going completely digital. What does this mean? I thought you'd never ask, this means that no more having our faithful fans hostage at their computer workstation in their home and or office, now they can simply download our mobile app which is available via the Itunes, Google Play store, Blackberry, and Stitcher Radio "Free of Charge". Our app provides you with the latest content up-coming events in the area and more. Sounds Amazing? Well that's not it, there's more! We have also made our website mobile, this means now you can use your mobile device to view it all clearly no need to run home we are always by your side just like the famous Phone Company commercial we are your network.

If having a mobile app and a mobile website is not enough we have taken it a step further, yes its possible to step it up another notch, besides it's how we remained innovators over the past 9 years. We have now incorporated our mobile radio station studio, what is that? Well, not only can we interview you on the spot but we can bring the exact effect of a live studio interview to you at the studio while your recording or at the club, fashion shows, rally's anywhere there is internet available and yes we broadcast live from our website. Talk about technology.

Artist, Models, Actors, Authors, Activist, etc.
Please feel free to take a look at our website as we welcome interviews from everyone. Please note artist its still free to submit your music we only charge for promotion nothing more. If you are interested in being promoted via our multiple mobile platforms its only a flat rate of $25 yes that's it a small fee for such a big platform!

Well that's it for now if you haven't met our street advocate and given him a freestyle for our youtube page holla @the_Mr_Critic on Instagram and Twitter he will get right back also follow our pages on Instagram @indastreetsradioshow  and @ninacapone1

One more thing!
Our new Skype telephone number to call in when we are live and mobile is 267-433-3377

In Da Streets Radio our show can also be downloaded on itunes and more than 350 online applications not to mention in car-dashboard systems (GM, Ford, Mini, & BMW) and on SONOS via our Stitcher smart-Radio application. To date we are reaching over 4.2 million listeners. Heres the link to download our stitcher app

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